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Scaffolding Systems

Nopin manufactures three types of tubular scaffolding in ten models of different width and height, with a wide variety of lengths and all the necessary accessories. They are modular scaffolding systems that can be disassembled with the highest level of safety and fulfill all the building needs:

Our scaffolding systems are made out of steel and their structural vertical components made out of 48mm tubes with a nominal 3mm thickness and elastic limit of >=235 N/mm². Working platforms are made out of steel with non-slippery surface and include a device to prevent accidental level change.

Nopin’s Façade and Multidirectional Scaffolding systems are manufactured under the strict European norms EN-12810/12811, and certified by the prestigious certification body TÜV RHEINLAND.

Façade Scaffolding

This is an extremely useful system, allowing fast placement on façades, it is effective and safe when starting masonry work, restoration, refurbishment and maintenance of buildings of any kind.

Multidirectional Scaffolding

Nopin Multidirectional Scaffolding system is a technologically advanced system used in the construction industry, industrial maintenance, chemical industries, oil industries, shipbuilding, aeronautics and steel industries.

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